Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sundance Film Festival 2012!!!

...I didn't see a single damn movie. I had passes to one but there was a blizzard and couldn't get there, but my friend said it sucked anyway.  I watched most of 'Year One' starring Jack Black and Michael Cera one morning in bed, then a few hours later I was checking out of my hotel and Michael Cera was standing right behind me with some bizarro mustache and the concierge was like "I looooove yooouuuu!".  I also ran into Alan Thicke, Paris Hilton and Paul Giamatti, and some random TV stars along the way. the end.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

That F'ing Girl With That Damn Tattoo!

I've read the books, I've seen the Swedish films, and now finally we get the bastardized 'American' version (even though it was shot in Sweden and featured actors from America, England, Sweden, Yugoslavia, etc.  but American studio/ director + English language = American).  At first I wasn't sure about the casting of Daniel Craig & Rooney Mara because I really loved the Swedish cast because they weren't too hot but still kind of quirky-sexy, but quirky-sexy flew out the damn window as soon as I saw the poster of Daniel Craig wrapped around Rooney Mara's c-cups, SOLD!

          I thought this version was great even though the ending was a bit different.  Daniel Craig always brings his baby dinosaur hotness (he's little and muscled and has a weathered mug so I've always called him 'baby dinosaur', just go with it) but now I'm officially obsessed with Rooney Mara.  I'm 'looney for Rooney'! ok I'll stop.  But she's seriously badass, got legit piercings for the role, had to do some pretty hardcore scenes and totally deserves her Oscar nomination.  She's also killing every red carpet she steps on with her style this season and talking mad random shit in interviews so she gets bonus points for badassness.
          I knew David Fincher wouldn't let me down, he never does, and even though this movie was 2.5hrs, by the ending all I wanted to do was keep watching more so I can't wait for the next 2 movies (hoping the stuido follows through with them).  But I get the feeling Fincher won't direct them unfortunately unless he already signed on to.  He's more like a hit it & quit it kinda guy.  One of my favorite parts of this whole movie was the opening credits sequence.  It's a violent, gothic James Bond-esque nightmare set to a Led Zeppelin song covered by Trent Reznor and Karen O and watching it on youtube doesn't do it any justice but here it is anyway.  I love opening credit sequences that are basically awesome music videos that not only set the tone for the film to follow but get you excited and pumped about watching it.  Given Fincher's extensive history of directing beautiful music videos for the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna and George Michael to name a few, he knows exactly what he's doing and is notoriously meticulous to every little detail.