Monday, November 14, 2011

Immortals : Warrior Eye Candy

We've all seen 'The Cell', we've all seen '300'.  'Immortals' is the mashup (director & producers actually).  It has it's moments, good & bad, as in looks good, sounds bad.  Tarsem's style is fun to look at, and the action scenes were really like nothing I've seen before.  But anytime Stephen Dorff spoke I lol'd, cuz the screenplay was pretty dumb (see: "I am a thief...and I will steal your heart") seriously?! These moments felt like I was watching a high school play where they cast the jocks as warriors just because they look the part and they needed to fulfill some creative arts credits, but they just sound stupid & cheapen the whole production.  '300' pulled it off, and 'Immortals' is right up there (while 'Clash of the Titans is trailing, big time). The battle scenes are especially cool (see: dudes getting chopped in half and exploding in slow-motion 3D, kind of amazing), but there are far too many boring-ass, drawn-out dialogue scenes (see: Mickey Rooney chewing on bones, Oracles giving over-dramatic monologues, etc) which kills the pacing of this movie. 'Immortals' is better overall, than 'Clash of the Titans' remake, but could have been way better with some good editing.  'Wrath of the Titans' is coming out next year, so maybe an 'Immortals' sequal will follow to compete?

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