Monday, December 12, 2011

Hugo 3D = A Cinematic History Lesson for 'Those Kids Today'

This is definitely a 'children's movie for adults'.  I like how Scorcese is branching out into film genres other than 'mafia' lately, like horror/thriller with 'Shutter Island' and kids/fantasy with 'Hugo'  I could not figure out how a movie that is set in Paris in old-timey days, heavily features the Eiffel Tower and the Parisian lifestyle, could use an almost all British cast, speaking in various English accents, even the American girl (Chloe Moretz) went British for a film entirely set in PARIS, FRANCE!!!

 This drove me insane from the start, as well as the dumbass straight couple that thought they were seeing 'Dumb & Dumber 5' and felt obligated to preach their ADD/boredom through the entire second half of the  movie (probably because no character had farted yet and that is all they know how to respond to courtesy of Eddie Murphy).  Also the gay couple behind me that thought making a 'sassy remark' after every scene would induce the Sunday night audience of 12 people into fits of hysterical laughter, totally failed.  Guess what, this movie is not a comedy! It's pretty depressing actually.  Also it's a public movie theater, not your living room couch, or the set of 'Will & Grace' so you should kindly SHUT.THE.FUCK.UP!

As for Hugo 3D, I get it.  It's Martin Scorcese's love-letter to the art and history of cinema as well as imagination, creativity and possibility wrapped up in a movie specifically for adults to reminisce.  It's ok, but unfortunately dumbass audiences of today can only process 'duuurrrr this is happy' or 'duuurrrrr this is sad' so if they see a movie like this, their mini-brains cannot compute anything and they go punch and/or shoot an inferior object like a cat or a house plant and rant until the next Chipmunk movie comes out.

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