Thursday, June 28, 2012

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter = 3 stars ***

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter: The movie is like a fast-forward crumpled up version of the book, of which i am 2/3 the way through and is really fun and way more detailed and gory.  The editing and pacing of the movie is way off so you feel like you are jerked all over the place way too fast with no explanation, but the action scenes are fun and ridiculous in between.  If you just surrender to the ridiculousness of it all, you will have fun with it, otherwise you will be fighting historians all night.  The casting of Abe was great, the dude looks like a strapping, young Liam Neeson, super hot.  And knowing he gets assassinated provoked a collective 'aaawwweee' from the majority of the audience.  It's a stupid-fun fan fiction novel brought to life, creative and campy so I'm totally on board.  Lighten up people.

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