Saturday, August 25, 2012

Savages = 2.5 Bong Hits

I was expecting a usual Oliver Stone, in-your-face, ultra-violent, over-saturated, hyper-edited flick but instead it was a drug war/love story (3-some) told through OC white girl stoner beach poetry.  And a lot of it.  Like the whole first 30-45min of the movie is that.  Then some violent shit goes down with no consequences, then it's over with SPOILER ALERT!!!: a double ending.  I don't know how everything wraps up in the book it's based on, but the double ending rewind shit just made the whole story deflate and lose cred and end up feeling like a 'Laguna Beach Pot Head Choose Your Own Adventure' book ending.  Regardless, Taylor Kitsch was super hot and Benicio Del Toro played an amazing cokehead.

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